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"I have been using your products on my gelding now for two years. I have yet to tell a person about these amazing products without them wanting to borrow them"

Jasmine Beaman




"my horse’s mane has grown at least 3 inches in the last 6 weeks, its incredible stuff - at this rate he’ll be treading on it by the end of the year!!! "

Sandra De-Castro

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Product #006

MegaTek adds strength and reduces hair breakage. If used at the root it will help to speed growth rate up between 10% - 50% ! High Keratin forumula makes hooves 30% stronger so shoes will hold better and cracks prevented. This is a must have addition to your grooming kit. If your horse suffers from mane or coat rubbed out by rugs or Sweet-itch, or if you are using combo rugs, neck covers or hoods then using MegaTek will reduce hair damage caused by friction.

Great for PETS - HORSES and fantastic on HUMAN hair and nails
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Spray formula that maintains moisture while it shines and conditions the coat with a unique formula that combines the extracts of avocado and Aloe Vera. Leave hair sparkling. Safe on saddle area

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Survivor Detangler and Shine uses an alcohol-free blend of special ingredients to create a superior, long lasting leave-in detangler that can be used on wet or dry hair.
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